Pruuf Launches Two Nationwide Speaking Series

Pruuf sits right at the crossroads of education, mentorship, and building up a strong labor market that meets the uniquely 21st century demands of both consumers and service providers. Staying true to spirit, Pruuf is launching not one, but two speaking series this fall that also attempt to contribute to these three areas, while also teaching attendees how they can continue to learn and grow with Pruuf.

One of the speaking series was already teased a few months ago, and it is designed as a workshop for state governments wishing to assist its unemployed job seekers. The other, also designed as a workshop, is designed for university students looking to pursue careers in technology.

Details below.

Life Is a Sales Pitch: Relational Intelligence and Career Success

First event: October 18th with the Wisconsin Employment Training Association at their annual retreat in Delavan, WI

75-minute training workshop designed for public sector employees serving at state Departments of Workforce Development and Job Centers. The goal is to help these professionals give even more comprehensive assistance to the job seekers they coach. In this workshop, participants learn how to relay different strategies for building up one’s relational intelligence to not only land a job, but to succeed at it over the long run. “It’s true - life is an ongoing sales pitch. As funny as that may sound, its basic tenets of crafting a story and getting buy-in apply to much more of the world around us than we may first notice. Whether you’re looking for a job, happily employed, maintaining friendships, or even dating, it’s important to constantly reassess the story you’re conveying to others and ensure it boosts their confidence in who you are and what you do, all while remaining authentic. Join Ryan McHenry, Founder of Pruuf, on an intellectual foray that goes deeper than simple tips on resumes and interviewing. We’ll explore human evolution and brain physiology. We’ll delve into the psychology of heuristics. And we’ll learn about the importance of flexing our emotional, cultural, and relational intelligence when interacting with others. But we’ll keep it light; both pop culture and high culture will serve as compelling references to drive home basic tips we can all use when advancing through our careers or helping others - like clients, family, and friends - to do the same.”

The Human Touch in Technology

First event: September 18th with Palm Beach State University in Boca Raton, FL

Three hour workshop geared towards university students pursuing education in computer science and programming. “The human experience is becoming increasingly binary - now driven as much by technology as it is biology. In fact, as 1’s and 0’s penetrate more and more aspects of our lives, humankind’s very existence is being tied ever more closely to the pioneering innovations that STEM professionals pursue. While this provides technologists with incredible opportunities to leave their mark in our collective history, it’s important to not let technology and the digital world cannibalize our uniquely human and biological traits. Join Ryan McHenry, Founder of Pruuf and a product manager specialized in working with startups, to explore how programmers and computer scientists can incorporate “the human touch” into all aspects of their professional lives. From identifying and exploring modern ethical dilemmas to learning how to hack the agile methodology, participants will learn how to build strong careers and even stronger products.”

If you'd like to schedule a workshop with Pruuf, reach out via our contact form or in-app and let us know!

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