Pruuf Adds 14 Microconsultants in Two Weeks

Pruuf Microconsulting is Catching On!

Pruuf has added many hand-selected microconsulting advisors to its ranks over the past couple of weeks. These inspiring individuals hail from many industries and all parts of the country, which serves as a continued testament to the fact that microconsulting is made for all.

Some of the key areas that many of our advisors hail from are therapy and counseling, various aspects of business services, and personal financial advising. However, many other skills are represented, and many others will be joining our ranks over the coming months.

Please meet a few of our newest microconsultants:

Jarlene Cabrera Microconsultant

Jarlene Cabrera, LMSW, CHC

Clinical Health Supervisor and Certified Health Coach

New York City, NY

Jarlene currently works as a clinical supervisor and mental health consultant at The Child Center of NY where she helps strengthen families and the futures of the children she treats.

Her passion lies at the intersection of mental health and physical health, with such specialties as Dialectal Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, treating patients in Spanish, and a slew of other techniques.

Everett Young Microconsultant

Everett Young

Innovation Strategy Designer, Polestar Strategies

San Francisco, CA

From coaching alpine ski racer Olympians to serving as the Entrepreneur in Residence at the United Arab Emirates University Science and Innovation Program, Everett has seen and ushered along success in many areas, for many people. Everett has reprised mentorship roles at San Francisco-based agencies, incubators and accelerators, such as SLP, the French Tech Hub, and FalconX. He now continues to do so through his own consultancy, Polestar Strategies.

Meloni Boatswain

Construction Industry IoT Innovator

Atlanta, GA

Meloni is a tour-de-force in the world of construction, where her leadership is appreciated in such diverse areas as project management, state and local government Internet of Things projects, smart city consulting, safety training, and even marketing for, a women's safety gear company.

While her approach may appear white glove only, she isn't afraid to get into the nitty gritty of construction projects. Pruuf is lucky to have her on board!

Art Kusserow, LCSW

Behavioral Health Clinician and Consultant

Pittsburgh, PA

Art is as sharp of a mental health practitioner as he is a skilled and caring program manager. Art currently works as a psychotherapist at the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute, where he provides individual, marital, and family counseling that integrates a faith-based perspective. He also treats private clients with both secular and faith-based approaches.

Art not only treats individuals, but has also developed complete treatment programs, including those that necessitated organizational change management. His organizational experience extends to additional areas of business and policy: he has both audited and managed health insurance programs, as well.


Any individual is welcome to apply to become a microconsulting advisor with Pruuf. They can do so through the app after making a profile, or directly from the website's contact form.

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