Pruuf Microconsultant Maria Selas to Help Roll Out Starbucks’ Collaboration with Legendary Italian B

Maria Selas Pruuf Microconsultant

Maria Selas, one of the first advisors to join Pruuf as a microconsultant, recently caught the eye of Starbucks executives due to her impressive culinary consulting experience and heavenly baked delights. As a result, the coffee empire has just hired her to train with the legendary Italian baker, Rocco Princi, in order to learn his techniques and bring them back to the United States for the rollout of Starbucks’ first standalone Princi stores, set to open in Seattle, Chicago, and New York.

Princi has already been incorporated into Starbucks Reserve, a new store format that saw its flagship launch in February 2018 at the Starbucks headquarters in Seattle. Starbucks Reserve aims to provide a premium, open, marketplace style atmosphere where patrons can visit and order from different counters, including a Reserve coffee counter, the Princi bakery, and a full mixology bar that features traditional Italian aperitivo and cocktails, such as the Aperol Spritz and Milano-Torino. Following the successful flagship launch, there are plans to expand to as many as 1,000 domestic and international locations.

Before the Starbucks partnership, Princi was already a legend in certain circles. With 6 stores in Milan and one in London, Rocco asserts that the heart and soul of his creations stem from the “Spirito di Milano”. In keeping with this authenticity, baked goods in the United States will be baked on location in each store, using the same ingredients and techniques as their European counterparts. In-store baking has never been done before by Starbucks, which is why Maria’s logistical insights and baker’s touch will be so crucial to the success of this new collaboration.


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