Short on Time, Feeling Stressed, or Blowing Your Budget? Pruuf's Newest Advisor Can Help.

Alexis Haselberger Pruuf

Pruuf is excited to announce the addition of another west coast advisor, Alexis Haselberger. This San Francisco-based professional will be joining our platform to offer advice related to everything from HR, startups, and process improvement to family, office and personal time management.

Alexis’ impressive breadth of experience is a perfect fit for the Pruuf community. Having begun her career in human resources and operations, Alexis worked in several capacities fulfilling diverse needs, including talent management, business strategy, and compliance. Her talents were appreciated by both established companies, as well as small startups that grew from a few employees to dozens within a few years.

From HR, Alexis made the jump into operations management as the Director of Stadium Operations and Chief of Staff with the San Francisco Deltas, a professional soccer team. Overseeing million dollar budgets, stadium renovations, and a team of directors were just a few of her duties.

Throughout Alexis’ career, time management and efficiency have been the ever-present themes she’s focused on to carve out success in both her professional and personal lives, and her consulting services clearly weave these principles into every facet of business strategy and personal growth possible.

Individuals can connect directly with Alexis through booking an appointment with her on the Pruuf app, and those who wish to apply to become an advisor with Pruuf can also do so directly through the app.

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