Advisor from Nationally Ranking Startup Accelerator to Join Pruuf

Pruuf is happy to announce the addition of Meghdad Abbaszadegan to its lineup of advisors. His background in software design, product management, and startup accelerators further complements Pruuf’s growing practice that’s dedicated to helping startups and other small and medium sized businesses thrive.

Meghdad’s experience is rather unique. He was involved with Phoenix- and Los Angeles-based startup accelerator Coplex, which focuses on working with non-coding founders that instead boast heavy subject matter expertise. The accelerator’s venture fund works in tandem with an interactive studio that helped bring founders’ products to life.

And this approach has proven to be wildly successful. Today Coplex is ranked one of the top 7 startup accelerators in the country according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Meghdad has not only advised startups, but launched them as well. His entrepreneurial career began in college with his co-founding of a social media company that sought to bring people into real-world interactions at local cafes and bars. He won pre-seed funding from local pitch competitions, managed teams of students to develop a business model and build the app, and was accepted into a top Phoenix-based incubator.

If you would like to join Pruuf's ranks of microconsulting advisors to coach other people in your areas of expertise, you can download Pruuf from the App Store and apply right from within the app, or reach out to us via our contact form.

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