7 Reasons Why You Should Make Money Microconsulting with Pruuf

Get ahead of the gig economy game.

According to a recent study released by Harvard and Stanford professors, people everywhere need to start getting hip to the shifting labor market that is quickly becoming the “gig economy.”

FACT: Did you know a whopping 100% of net job growth in the United States over the past decade was due to the gig economy?

If you’re an individual looking to make extra income, boost your personal brand awareness, or just help others by mentoring them, working with Pruuf is an easy way to help get you up and running in this changing job climate.

In case you’re not fully up to speed on who we are, Pruuf is a microconsulting platform that connects you to the advice you need, or the people who need you. Anyone is able to seek out advice on any topic, whether it’s a personal issue, professional consultation, career advice, or help with hobbies. Advisors, in turn, are able to consult or mentor others in the subject matters they love, on their own terms.

These small engagements between advice seekers and advice givers is known as microconsulting, and we’re going to give you a breakdown of seven reasons why you should start earning extra cash as a microconsultant with Pruuf by sharing your gifts with the world.

1. You’re a Freelance Consultant

The state of freelance in 2017 microconsulting infographic

A recent study found that 24% of Americans reported earning income from a digital platform within the past year. While many people have done so by delivering food or taxiing others around, if you’re a freelance consultant and want to trade in your knowledge and passions, you should absolutely consider our microconsulting platform. Becoming a microconsultant is a great way to establish yourself in your niche, build relationships, and gain clients.

Charge what you want, work when you want, and build your brand by sharing your expertise with others. Regardless of your area of specialty, we could use your talents in our community at Pruuf.

2. You’re Looking to Establish or Enhance Industry Authority

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Some people can work their entire lives and show amazing leadership in their fields, yet still remain unheard of. If you’re looking to stand out and be different, offering microconsulting services is an awesome way to get the job done. Not only will you have the chance to share your industry insights with the world; you’ll also be able to use our platform to spread awareness about your business and services. Boost your personal brand by associating yourself with an awesome, growing tech startup and show the world how valuable you really are.

3. You Genuinely Love Mentoring Others

what mentoring is about illustration

Sometimes, it’s not about the money. Sometimes, it’s about making a difference in the world, helping others, and showing people that you genuinely care. Since you can set your own rates with Pruuf and even make your services pro-bono, building authentic relationships in a mentorship capacity is a great way to feed this desire to be a part of something that is larger than yourself. Working with Pruuf is a great way to boost your social karma – so get started today!

4. You’re a Bona Fide Expert on a Topic and You’ve Always Thought About Consulting

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Are you an expert in a particular topic? Maybe you’ve been in the entertainment industry and you know all the ropes. Perhaps you’re a content marketer and can help small businesses and startups with their digital strategy. Whether you’re a relationship coach, personal trainer, artist, or auto expert, you can leverage your knowledge and dive straight into the world of digital leadership with our microconsulting platform.

5. You Thrive in a Work-From-Home Environment

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Did you know that 68% of Americans feel that there aren’t enough solid job opportunities available for individuals who need flexible work schedules? Let’s face it – not everyone is cut out for the typical 9-5 corporate life. Lucky for you, nowadays there are endless opportunities for people like yourself to earn an income in a work-from-home environment. Get the freedom to set your own schedule, be a part of a killer tech startup, and work when you want and how you want by joining our awesome community.

6. You’re Looking for Ways to Supplement Your Income

supplement income design

A recent Pew Research Center survey found that 37% of respondents desired more opportunities to generate supplemental income that could work with the demands of their current schedule. If you already have a primary source of income – whether it be full-time, part-time, or contractual – and you’re looking to supplement it in some way, shape, or form, then offering microconsulting services to the public via our platform is an excellent way to do so! Why? Because the opportunity to join our awesome close-knit community gives you the ability to have the highest level of flexibility that you could ever get with a side gig.

7. You’re Interested in Diversifying Your Strategic Approaches to Lead Generation.

lead generation illustration


Perhaps you’re a relatively established entrepreneur, business owner, or freelancer in the digital sphere and you’re searching for additional and creative methods for lead generation. Working as a microconsultant is a great way to add an extra stream of income to your business, and it provides amazing benefits when it comes to high-quality lead generation.

What’s even better about this methodology is that when you become a microconsultant with Pruuf, you’re starting off the customer journey the right way – by establishing a relationship. This is one of the best tactics you can use to generate higher conversions with your prospects. Start with building trust, and gain clients and long-time brand advocates for life.


So there you have it! There are dozens of reasons why you and people you know could benefit from becoming a part of our awesome community of advisors.

Nearly half of all freelancers (43% to be exact) say they expect their income to increase in the coming year, so why not be one of them and take advantage of everything Pruuf has to offer?

Here at Pruuf, we believe everyone has a specialty. Regardless of your industry – whether you’re a beauty consultant, relationship expert, writer, or serial entrepreneur – you have an opportunity to shine bright in our trusted, close-knit community.

Who needs boxes anymore? Step outside the box and leverage all your strengths with our tools to accomplish incredible goals while helping others do the same.

Take charge of your life today by microconsulting with Pruuf! Work when you want, how you want, and establish yourself as an industry leader all while making some extra money.

Learn more or contact us today if you're interested in becoming an advisor. It's a simple process!

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