Startup Launches App to Address Society’s Uncomfortable Truths

Microconsulting Services App Launch

Miami, FL - Pruuf, a Miami-based startup, has just launched its namesake microconsulting app that seeks to address a few uncomfortable truths we’ve all likely faced in our personal and professional lives.

Pruuf (pronounced “proof”) is an iOS platform marketplace app that seeks to connect its users and their questions to subject matter experts for confidential advice on the phone. These experts, called advisors, boast reams of professional, personal, and hobby-related insights they are happy to share with others.

And there’s a need for those insights. Pruuf’s microconsulting platform is desperately needed in a society replete with individuals who seek advice on personal dilemmas they’d rather not share with friends or family. Relationship struggles, substance abuse, identity conflicts, discrimination, and a plethora of other personal difficulties are just a few topics that may come to mind.

Personal questions aren’t the only uncomfortable topics that Pruuf strives to address. Professional topics are also fair game, since the platform actively seeks to engage individuals who need anything from simple professional tips to deeper career assistance. After all, it’s hard to ignore the increasingly automated marketplace that’s marginalizing larger and larger swathes of people due to education gaps, rural isolation, and other socioeconomic prejudices. Pruuf strives to build these bridges between people, with no regard to geographic and socioeconomic divides.

Microconsulting Services Platform of Advisors

Pruuf also takes a stand for its advisors, championing the ideal that everyone has unique advice to offer. This environment, which accepts any type of person with a special skill or insight to share, effectively opens up the gig economy for individuals to trade in their actual tradecrafts - whether or not those skills fall under their “official” professions. For example, if someone wants to learn to bake a cake, they could consult a top New York pastry chef, or just as easily get some tips from a grandmother in Nebraska with a secret family recipe she’s guarded for years.

Ryan McHenry, the founder of Pruuf, largely attributes the unique slant of this app to his own diverse personal and career experiences. His work has spanned international borders and diverse fields, ranging from politics and the music industry to marketing and product management at tech startups. On a personal level, he grew up in a low income, single-parent, rural household, and then later was faced with navigating the multiple highs and lows of fast-paced city life when he moved to pursue academic and career interests in Madrid, New York, and Miami. The resulting dichotomies in personal and professional experiences reaffirmed to Ryan that people have much more to offer the world than their job title, and that they need a platform to both access and spread unique insights to make life a little bit more enjoyable for all.

Pruuf cordially invites everyone to download the app, seek some advice, and apply to join its diverse rank of all-star advisors, including a psychotherapist, one of Marc Anthony’s music agents, tech experts, marketing gurus, a physical therapist who treats professional athletes, and more. The service is free during its introductory months, and will gradually see some advisors raise their rates while others continue to help for free.


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