What is microconsulting?

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Life is often full of tough choices, and the way we all confront them is probably similar. Options are weighed, decisions are made, and then fingers are crossed to make sure we didn’t screw up too much.

While this approach is often seen as the best possible way to confront the onslaught of daily choices we need to make, everyday life is becoming more and more complex. From neverending technological innovations to challenging job markets and evolving family dynamics, it may seem that our approach to decision-making may need some reassessment.

Since we live in an age of hyperconnectivity, data driven business moves, and hacks for just about anything, why can’t we adapt all this to improve our own personal decision-making? This could be the perfect time to adapt a new business concept - called microconsulting - and bring it into everyday life for people.

Until now, microconsulting services have typically been reserved for businesses in need of a freelance consultant for a very specific scope of work. For example, maybe a company wants to expand to Latvia and decides to hire a local Latvian lawyer to help ease the legal process. Or maybe an athleisure brand wants to start incorporating footwear into their product offering - they could hire a footwear consultant to help them determine what the best approach could be.

Businesses shouldn’t be the only ones to reap the benefits of microconsulting services, though. After all, individuals face countless dilemmas throughout their lives and could very well use some expert guidance, whether it’s for assistance with personal matters, professional help, career advice, or even tips for hobbies.

This is exactly what Pruuf strives to provide through its lineup of microconsulting advisors. Individuals from all walks of life with varying careers and personal experiences make themselves available for anyone to request a phone appointment with.

Need to speak with a psychologist about some relationship woes? Easy, just Pruuf it.

Wondering how to navigate med school, rotations, and residency? Easy, just Pruuf it.

Trying to build a software startup? Easy, just Pruuf it.

Planning a birthday celebration for someone with strict dietary requirements? Easy, just Pruuf it.

Graduating from a music business program and want tips on scoring a job from an industry insider? Easy, just Pruuf it.

Considering shoulder surgery and want to speak with someone who’s gone through it, or maybe consult a physical therapist first? Easy, just Pruuf it.

Just as there are a million different situations we could all use some friendly advice for, there are equally as many opportunities for us to help others out. Whether it’s our knowledge, professions, or previous experiences, we all know things that others don’t but would like to.

To bridge this gap, Pruuf puts its technology within our reach, so that we can put ourselves within the reach of people who need us. And this is how Pruuf’s marketplace for microconsulting services is born - we can all both give and receive advice within a community that believes things can be done better and that we all deserve to know how.

Pruuf is now available for download on the App Store (sorry, only for iOS at the moment), and if you are interested in becoming a micrconsulting advisor, you can read more about the platform before reaching out to us.

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