Industrial Designer Joseph Malouff to Join Pruuf

Industrial Designer Joseph Malouff is joining the Pruuf community as an advisor in the fields of product design and engineering, manufacturing, launching startups, filing for patents, working with investors, and bringing products to market. His insight in these areas will be particularly useful to university students looking to get a handle on their budding careers, as well as entrepreneurs and others who need a second opinion on their own endeavors.

As Malouff makes strides with his design firm, Color Blind Design Inc., he looks to contemporary leaders for inspiration and to challenge his own beliefs and career trajectory: “One common denominator I’ve noticed among all the visionaries I admire is their penchant for nurturing and giving back to the communities that they, themselves, grew up in. From Elon Musk to Yvon Chouinard - and drawing from my own experiences - I’ve clearly seen that shared success is the best kind of success. This philosophy is what ultimately drew me to Pruuf.”

Joseph’s spark for innovation began with tinkering and engineering in his garage, evolved into formal studies at Appalachian State University, led to a startup with nine patents pending, and has continued with extended success for all the clients and investors he services. Malouff has designed prototypes, sourced materials, and led product development in the fields of medicine, sports equipment, hand-held electronics, and other areas with a positive track record. His results have led to local, national, and international investors keeping him at the top of their rolodex when one of their new startup investments requires a steady hand to be included in the mix when rolling out a new product.

Pruuf is happy to include Joseph Malouff into its community of advisors and wishes him continued success.

Pruuf is currently accepting inquiries from professionals who are interested in serving as a microconsulting advisor. For more information, check out the consultants page or write to

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