13 Tweets From Millennials Who Are Fed Up A.F.

It’s no secret: Millennials have it rough. Wages have stagnated, competition for the limited number of job opportunities is brutal, student loans suck the life out of our bank accounts, and we’re inheriting everything from crumbling infrastructure to a nearly two decade long war in the Middle East.

Read the tweets below and tell us if they have you laughing, crying, or somewhere in between. Then consider joining Pruuf when we launch; doing so will open up a new world in which you can help others overcome obstacles in the areas you’re most passionate about, while furthering your own professional goals and making some money to boot!

1. Is "sold my kidney on the black market" a pre-existing condition for when I need dialysis?

2. Guilty as charged. "Waiting online" is so much better than "waiting in line".

3. Yet we suffered the consequences right when we graduated from university.

4. Actually, we'll take all three, thank you very much. #entitled

5. Ugh.

6. *busy working on a PhD to get that internship*

7. Mostly true. Are jokes about orange people with bad hair racist?

8. Don't forget the unlimited mimosas.

9. Joke's on us because we can't afford to die either; funerals are too expensive.

10. SMH.

11. Supply and demand.

12. Do not pass go. Do not collect social security.

13. Quartz is the new diamond, anyways...right?

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