Psychotherapist Fumi Takashina to Join Pruuf

Pruuf welcomes registered mental health professional Fumi Takashina to its core team of advisors! When the microconsulting app launches in late May, she will be available to field calls from any individual who seeks mental health counseling and psychotherapy.

Fumi currently serves as a primary psychotherapist at a non-profit organization whose mission statement is to rehabilitate at-risk teenagers with a troubled past into productive and responsible citizens of our community. She invests equal time into her private practice to provide quality psychotherapy to clients of all backgrounds. Areas of expertise include: couples / family / individual counseling, adolescent teens, trauma, anger management, grief / end of life, substance abuse, LGBTQIA journey matters, executive coaching, and life coaching. During her spare time, Fumi is a Hatha certified yoga instructor and volunteers with an organization that engages with underserved communities and teaches individuals basic coping techniques to break old habits and anger cycles when faced with intense reactive situations.

Pruuf is currently accepting inquiries from professionals who are interested in serving as a microconsulting advisor. For more information, check out the consultants page or write to

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