Chef Maria Selas to Join Pruuf

Chef Maria Selas will be joining Pruuf when the platform launches on the App Store in May! She will be bringing her unique flavor and take on the culinary industry to Pruuf, ready to help budding chefs and aspiring restaurateurs alike. All are welcome to check out her scrumptious Instagram profile at @sweetopolis, and to read on for more details.

Life is sweet for some, but especially so for Chef Maria Selas. While customized nutrition and private culinary services are her forte, sweet delights are Maria’s passion and heaven-sent gift to any epicure lucky enough to enjoy her craft. Above and beyond natural talent and a long lineage of chefs and restaurateurs, this prowess in the culinary industry has been refined through years of both training and teaching at prestigious institutions, in addition to more than a decade spent creating acclaimed dessert menus and managing pastry chefs in various upscale establishments. Currently, Selas focuses her efforts on creating healthy meal plans for private clients, baking for events, and leading weekly cooking bootcamps for gourmet aficionados. Maria is Greek-American, holds a Certificat de Paris IV from Paris-Sorbonne University, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Masters in Hospitality Management from Roosevelt University, and additional specialty certificates from renowned culinary schools.

Pruuf is currently accepting inquiries from professionals who are interested in serving as a microconsulting advisor. For more information, check out the consultants page or write to .

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