The Pruuf Way of Microconsulting

Pruuf is launching as a person-to-person microconsulting platform, which is a unique spin on a concept that may be more familiar than we realize, despite the lack of any other similar platform on the market. Thus, this update is intended to shed some light on what microconsulting is, and why we should all be interested in it.

Microconsulting Defined

It’s no surprise that “microconsulting” might be a new vocabulary word for many. It’s a term that cropped up only a few years ago, but has never made it into the mainstream due to a primarily niche place in the world of business consulting. Traditionally, microconsulting is seen as a way for subject matter experts to sell small chunks of their time to assist businesses with specific needs. Put differently, it’s a way that freelancers make money by contributing their insights, advice, and efforts toward a business need.

Indeed, freelancing platforms have skyrocketed in importance over the past few years. Upwork, the company that resulted from Odesk’s and Elance’s merger, can be seen as a sort of microconsulting platform for designers, programmers, data entry analysts, marketers, and more. While the number of freelancers and successfully completed jobs on this platform is impressive, the scope of needs they can meet is rather limited.

Pruuf’s Way

Pruuf recognizes that people typically have more insights to share with the world than their current job title or profession may let on. Moreover, these insights can be of value not only to companies, but to individuals and on many different levels. Any combination of hobbies, moonlighting gigs, past professions, academic pursuits, live-and-learn moments, and more are all leveraged by people on a daily basis to confront some of life’s many hurdles, both in and out of the workplace.

Pruuf keeps this in mind and aims to offer a way for individuals to give back to the community by sharing these insights with others - on any topic - both for free and for a fee. It embraces the notion that a grandmother in Nebraska could out-soufflé a trained chef in New York. It also embraces the notion that a certified therapist may wish to help others outside of traditional office hours. Or that a mother could help a distressed teen who needs some anonymous advice. Or even that a cancer survivor can provide the insight and peace of mind to a chemo patient that even a doctor might not be able to.

These are all examples that embody the Pruuf spirit. It is, after all, envisioned to be a diverse and lively community that emphasizes problem solving, insight sharing, challenging one’s previously held notions, and giving back to the world in a million ways, one small microconsulting session at a time.

How to Get Involved

Right now, Pruuf is onboarding professionals via a resume submission process that you can find here. A few specific job titles are posted, but everyone is encouraged to submit a resume to the general pool, even if they do not match with any of the jobs currently listed. These individuals will form the backbone of Pruuf’s initial pool of microconsultants, which you can find more information about on the consultants page.

Additionally, there is a newsletter signup on the Beta Invite page that will be used to send out an invite once the platform is up and running, letting everyone know that they are now free to submit questions and even try their hand at answering a few, as well!

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