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Welcome to Pruuf's development and philosophy blog!

Here, readers will be able to find updates regarding the ongoing development, rollout, and overall philosophy of Pruuf's revolutionary microconsulting platform, which aims to spark substantive conversations in which people can truly open up about their questions.

This is the main goal of Pruuf: to get people talking; it's a place where everyone can get real with each other and connect in a much more personal way than we may be accustomed to on other social media sites. It's true that most of us have integrated social media into our day-to-day lives by now, but this exaggerated level of hyperconnectivity is only as meaningful as we make it, and when so many feel the need to curate their online personas, there's no surprise that many are left feeling isolated and lonely.

Pruuf wants to change this. When people have a question they'd like to get some extra information or advice on, they can use the platform to connect with a subject matter expert as anonymously as they'd like. And even better, they will be able to connect with everyday people for external perspective, or else choose to pay for some professional assistance.

Over the coming weeks and months, more will be revealed about Pruuf's platform, its core philosophies, how consultants can get involved, and why microconsulting will be the new wave of the future.

Thank you, and welcome!

Ryan McHenry

Founder of Pruuf

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