Cheers to those who think "retiring" is a dirty word

With Pruuf, you can continue to offer your knowledge and give back to the community, whenever it's convenient for you.

Pruuf Advisors Screen

Microconsulting: Mentoring Others Via Phone Appointments

Pruuf is a simple app that allows insightful people to share their personal and professional insights with others via phone calls.


Advisors, which are like mentors and consultants, set up a profile that explains a little bit about their backgrounds, and then set their hours of availability within the app.

Once you're ready, the Pruuf community will see your profile, and users will be able to book appointments with you and submit their questions ahead of time so you can choose whether or not you feel comfortable helping them with their particular needs.

Judgement-Free Advisors...

The world is not an easy place, and it is getting harder and harder for people to navigate. That is why they rely on our savvy and wise advisors for real advice, whether it's personal or professional in nature.

Real advice should be honest, frank, and respectful. And since that is what Pruuf's advisors offer, it's no wonder people are drawn to this new platform when they need help.

...and a Respectful Community

Advisors can also expect that the overall community is respectful.


For example, if someone requests an appointment with an advisor and then completely disappears when the appointment time rolls around, that user will have to pay a penalty fee.

It's the small things like this that help ensure everyone is always putting their best foot forward.

Users Will Find You Easily

Pruuf is easy to use and straightforward, which means the people who need your help will find you easily.

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