Pruuf guy in need of advice
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NSA Advice.

For when you seriously need some casual advice.

Rorschach test for crazy Pruuf people

We get it...Life is crazy.

Maybe you're crazy, too, but that doesn't mean our goal is to judge you! In fact, we are here to lend an ear and listen to whatever you are going through. Sometimes getting some external perspective from a friendly person is all that's needed to make things better.
While you are certainly able to connect with a professional therapist on Pruuf, you can also lean on our larger community for support, and can do so in a confidential manner. Think of us as your local bartender who's known for his friendly demeanor but tough love.

Interested in Giving No Strings Advice?

Please let us know if you'd like to help others. No strings advisors recognize that they have the power to improve their communities through building others up and helping them tackle any number of issues. Although they take their duty seriously, they also know that it's fun and rewarding to learn about other people and help them take action! Learn more about serving as a microconsulting advisor with Pruuf on our advisors page.

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NSA Advice Profile
NSA Advice Profile
NSA Advice Profile
NSA Advice Profile