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Microconsulting 101

(Because we knew you were wondering)

The Gist

Microconsulting is a limited arrangement in which one party engages another for a specific, defined, and temporary consulting relationship.

Microconsulting = Micro


Despite the obvious redundancy above, it's worth spelling out that the concept of microconsulting literally stems from the tried and true practice of business consulting.


Leveraging outside expertise for specific business needs has long been a tool used by savvy companies. Every once in awhile, they come across the need for extra guidance from someone with a skill set that doesn't quite match the profile of anyone they have in-house.

A few examples:

  • An athleisure fashion retailer may be considering the viability of adding swimwear to its offerings.

  • A software company is thinking about going into hardware production.

  • A consumer goods company wants to launch in another country and needs some local market research and legal guidance.


In all of these cases, the companies would be smart to hire some outside guidance before committing more resources to the venture.

Professional consultant

The Pruuf Way of Microconsulting

Pruuf knows that individuals stand just as much to gain as businesses do by consulting outside help for limited (or ongoing) engagements. As a result, our platform is wide open for any kind of question a person or business may need answered, whether it's personal in nature, a professional consultation, career advice, or help with hobbies. And on the flip side, anyone who has unique knowledge and insight to share is free to do so on Pruuf (once they're vetted!).

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Pruuf duckling
Pruuf duckling
Pruuf duckling

Types of Microconsultants on Pruuf

At Pruuf, we are well aware that in the real world, what may be a hobby for one person is a professional endeavor for another, and personal topics often mix with professional ones. No distinction is made on the platform, but in an effort to help convey the breadth of topics available for discussion, you can check out a few examples below.

Pruuf business services
Business Services



Startup Guidance

Human Resources

Accounts Receivables

Product Development

Nonprofit Management

Pruuf Personal Consults
Personal Consults



Life Coaching

Physical Therapy

Tax Assistance

Pruuf Hobby Help
"Hobby" Help

Foreign Languages


Home Improvement

Graphic Design

Video Production

Pruuf hashtags

Microconsulting via Hashtags

Most people have a plethora of unique insight to share with the world. They've gained knowledge in various fields from their current employment, previous jobs, education, hobbies, and general life experience. All this information is now available to the Pruuf community and can be found by searching for hashtags related to the topics they have questions on. These hashtags are then matched to the ones that advisors list on their profiles.


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