Microconsulting Example Questions

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Professional Question
"I just got a new job at a smaller company. Although my background isn't in marketing, I now need to oversee that department as well. Can someone explain the basics of marketing on Facebook?"
#Facebook #marketing #digitalmarketing
Legit Help
"I'm thinking of divorcing my wife because she cheated on me. Can I bounce some thoughts off of someone to make sure I'm not crazy?"
#marriage #divorce #cheating
Insider Tip
"I'm moving to NYC next month. What's the best area to live in for meeting single, gay professionals who aren't assholes?"
#NYC #gay #wheretolive
Professional Question
"I've been working as a chef in a restaurant for a few years but would like to try working as a private chef. How do I go about that, and how can I make sure I have adequate health insurance?"
#culinaryindustry #privatechef #healthinsurance
Legit Help
"I think I'm getting addicted to prescription painkillers, but I have chronic back problems. What should I do?"
#addiction #painkillers #chronicpain
Insider Tip
"I work from home about two days a week, even though my company has an actual office. Can I claim my bedroom as a home office on my taxes?"
#taxes #homeoffice