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Pruuf is home to a community of diverse individuals that don't limit themselves to a job title. Instead, they leverage all their strengths to accomplish incredible goals and help others do the same. They understand that the world is rapidly changing - people now seek out and consume information and advice in drastically different ways than before. Will you be at the forefront of this new wave of microconsulting?

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Fact: 100% of net job growth in the U.S. over the past decade was due to the gig economy (which includes freelance and consulting work).

This clear trend is highlighted in a study released by Harvard and Stanford professors, pointing to the need for individuals to adapt to the shifting labor market in order to take advantage of new opportunities. While most freelance and gig apps on the market focus on people doing grunt work and carrying out tasks, Pruuf creates a marketplace that allows for knowledgeable experts, advisors, and mentors to serve as microconsultants who sell their knowledge and insight via confidential conversations with those in need.
Click below to read more about this enlightening study, the role of the gig economy, and how this affects YOU.

Microconsulting with Pruuf

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Set Your Own Rate

You're a real consultant. Thus, enjoy the freedom to set your own rate and charge whatever you feel comfortable with. You can even set your rate to $0 and use your first phone call with people as a discovery session, and then later decide on a rate moving forward.

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Set Your Own Hours

We get it - if you've been selected to serve as an advisor on our platform, your time is probably pretty valuable. With Pruuf, you can work as much or as little as you'd like. Simply set your hours of availability to designate when you are open to receiving appointment requests from our users, and then accept or decline those requests as they come in.

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Make an Impact

The insights you can share with others really do cause an impact. When setting up your profile, include hashtags for all the topics you feel comfortable giving advice on. These topics can relate to your profession, previous work, education, passions, and more. People need you, so help them find you!

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