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Pruuf is an intimate community defined by its diverse group of users on a platform that allows for the exchange of ideas and insights. A panel of hand-selected advisors in many different industries will be available for you to consult. Use us as a sounding board for insider tips, professional advice, and legit help whenever the need arises. Conversations are completely confidential, so you can get as real as you want.

How It Works

Pruuf Microconsulting Home Screen
Step 1: Browse or Search

Pruuf has many different types of advisors that are happy to help you with your questions. Scroll through the profiles to find someone that looks interesting.

Pruuf Microconsultant Screen

You can learn all about advisors from their bios, the hashtags they use to describe themselves, and the social media and portfolio websites they link to. Read up!

Step 2: Research
Scheduling with Pruuf Microconsulting

Advisors keep their schedules up-to-date so you can easily pick an open appointment slot to book. When booking, you'll be able to submit a question, so the advisor will already know exactly what you need help with before your appointment time rolls around.

Step 3: Book
Pruuf calls

As soon as the advisor sees your appointment request and accepts it, you'll receive an email and a push notification letting you know that you're all set. And when the appointment time arrives, go ahead and connect via Pruuf. Voilá!

Step 4: Confirm & Call

All Your Questions: Answered

Legit Help

"I'm thinking of divorcing my wife because she cheated on me. Can I bounce some thoughts off of someone to make sure I'm not crazy?"

#marriage #divorce #cheating

Professional Question

"I just got a new job at a smaller company. Although my background isn't in marketing, I now need to oversee that department as well. Can someone explain the basics of marketing on Facebook?"

#Facebook #marketing #digitalmarketing

Insider Tip
"I work from home about two days a week, even though my company has an actual office. Can I claim my bedroom as a home office on my taxes?"
#taxes #homeoffice

A Few Current Advisors

Pruuf counts on an incredible team of advisors that are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Their advice is unparalleled in their fields, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Jamie Rautenberg

Trauma Recovery Specialist, Counselor, and Writer

Joseph Malouff

Industrial Designer and Founder at Color Blind Design, Inc.

Rosa Guzman

Agent at Marc Anthony's Magnus Talent Agency

Natalie Cohen

Spanish, Portuguese, and ESL Teacher

Eran Amir

Director of Product Development at BNY Mellon

Salwa Shishani

Arabic, Chechen, and Persian Professor at U Penn

Dr. Kevin Mills

Physical Therapist and Partner at USA Sports Therapy

Michelle Chae

Korean Linguist & ESL Instructor at Middlebury Institute

Valeria Mares

Director of Regional Strategy at MEC

Meghdad Abbaszadegan

Startup Accelerator Mentor

Amy Kosh

Visionary Life & Career Coach

Alan Ruber Jelen

Digital Marketing & Analytics

John Ioan Adam

Certified Professional Accountant

Jami Bertini

Life & Divorce Coach

Dahlia O´Hara

Arabic & French Teacher

Ondine Jean-Baptiste

French Teacher & Writer

Mariona Riera

Life Coach

Everett Young

Startup Accelerator Mentor & Venture Advisor

Dylis Dee Hysaj

Handyman & Construction Manager

Eric Palummieri

Senior Construction Engineer

Joel Beth Navratik


Anthony Fontana

Enrolled Agent

Mikhail Antonio Roth

Financial Services Advisor - Enterprise Risk & Compliance

Katie Miller


Jarlene Cabrera

Psychotherapist & Certified Health Consultant

Meloni Boatswain

Construction Industry Professional

Alexis Haselberger

HR Consultant & Time Management Professional

Art Kusserow

Psychotherapist & Mental Health Consultant

Fumi Takashina

Psychotherapist, Nonprofit Specialist, and HR Professional

"No Strings Attached" is for More Than...You Know

It's also for advice! Whenever you're feeling a little crazy, you can lean on Pruuf to hear you out and help you crush whatever obstacles you're facing. Just look for any advisor that has the hashtag #nostrings in their profile. Think of it as your friendly local bartender who has no clue who you are, but is happy to lend an ear, an open mind, and a helping hand.

Become an Advisor

Prospective Advisors

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If you think you've got what it takes to join our group of advisors, please let us know by filling out the below contact form! With Pruuf, you'll be able to help others while furthering your own career and personal goals. It's both fun and easy to do, since you'll be able to commit as your schedule permits. This is the beauty of microconsulting.