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We all have questions, and Pruuf has the answers.

It's the most versatile app to hit the market, offering users the ability to seek out and give both free and paid advice - on any topic - as confidentially as they'd like.


Bottom line: Pruuf connects you to the advice you need, or the people who need you.

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Calling all Advisors, Mentors, and Consultants

Pruuf is always on the lookout for advisors, mentors, and consultants (also called microconsultants) who are experts in diverse topics and industries. In exchange for helping others, advisors will receive free marketing perks that will help them in their own professions. Click below for more information!

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Advice On Your Time

Whether you're giving advice to others or looking for some help, Pruuf works on your time and with your schedule. It automatically syncs to the time zone you're in, and allows you to set a schedule of availability to request phone appointments with others.

Speak Your Mind

On Pruuf, you can open up as much as you'd like about what's on your mind, so your advisor can also open up and give you the best advice possible. You're even able to connect with advisors and professionals anonymously, so don't hold back!

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